Would You Use This? Sula Peelable Polish

Okay. So today is clearly nail polish day. Sue me, I've got polish on the brain!

Anywho, when I first heard about there being a line of cosmetics named Sula, my first thought was "Lord, please don't let it have something to do with the Toni Morrison character...". Hey! You never know!

This quirkly little line (with super adorable packaging!) is made up of water-based nail polishes in cute colors that you can peel of when you're ready for a change. No polish remover required! I seem to remember having something like this when I was a little girl, and if my memory serves me correctly, it didn't work too well. Hmmm...

At any rate, would you try this (I'm super tempted)? Did you have peelable polish as a kid?


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