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Phyto Friends and Family Sale

It's that time of year! Time for the annual Phyto Friends and Family Sale! The sale starts today at 9am EST and runs through Wednesday at 5pm EST.

You can can crazy good deals on TONS of luxurious Phyto products. Last year I went Phyto crazy and stocked up on PhytoSpecific Hair Relaxer, which is nearly 50% off again this year!

My other top Phyto picks include Phytonectar Oil Treatment, $18, Phytolaque Soie Hairspray, $10.80 and PhytoSpecific Intense Nutrition Mask, $16.80.

Be sure to head over to the sale and pick up your goodies because supplies won't last!

Product Love: L'Oreal Elnett Hair Spray

For me, L'Oreal Elnett Hairspray, $15 was one of those cult products I'd heard about for years but never had the chance to use. And not because I didn't try! This coveted spray didn't become available in the US until this year, and now I see what all the hype was about. This stuff is amazing!

My short hair needs hairspray to keep my curls from falling, and Elnett does the job without being stiff or crunchy. I can comb through my hair with no problem, and my curls still stay put!

This is definitely one of the better hairsprays out there, and I'll be keeping it in beauty stash from now on. Right now, Elnett is only available at Target stores and at Target.com, but I hear that it will be available soon in other stores. So keep an eye out!

Bargain Beauty: GVP Silk Remedy vs. CHI Silk Infusion

I recently have come to the realization that my beauty spending is way out of control. Like, way out of control. So, I've been pinching pennies where I can, and have made some great beauty discoveries along the way. So, I'll be sharing these with you in a new series called Bargain Beauty!

My first Bargain Beauty discovery was found at Sally Beauty Supply (I have a feeling that I'm going to find a lot of great things there!). My friend and hairstylist Monica swears by CHI Silk Infusion, and with good reason. It protects the hair from heat, and gives great shine.

So imagine my surprise and delight to find a less expensive equally effective alternative! GVP Silk Remedy has the same exact ingredients, and gives me the same glossy hair when flat ironing. And a little goes a long way so I'll have this bottle for a long time! GVP Silk Remedy has become a staple in my hairstyling routine. Try a little dab of this before you flat iron, and you'll love the results!

Want me to help you find a Bargain Beauty steal? Email me at brownbombshellbeauty@gmail.com, and I'll find you a cheaper alternative. You could be featured on the site!

The Bombshell Files: Brow Guru Rashida B.

Hey beauties! Welcome to another installment of The Bombshell Files! I had the extreme pleasure of meeting brow guru Rashida B. at The Artist Summit in Chicago last month, and I knew I just had to feature her on Brown Bombshell Beauty!

Not only has Rashida B. has been featured in Vogue, In Style, Lucky, Allure and tons more publications, but she opened Chicago's first (and still only) eyebrow studio. A licensed esthetician and certified makeup artist, Rashida was also the first to bring lush lash extensions to the Windy City.

Despite all her many accomplishments, Rashida was one of the nicest, humblest people I'd ever met (pic coming soon!), and was nice enough to take time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for Brown Bombshell Beauty readers! Check it out!

When and how did you decide to begin a career in the beauty industry?

I've always wanted to be in the beauty industry, for as long as I can remember but my parents wanted me to attend college first so it took me a little while to get here.

How did you develop a specialty in eyebrows?

I went to aesthetics school because I really loved makeup and skincare, but halfway through the program I realized that they didn't really the in-depth makeup education that I had expected so I enrolled in Columbia College's makeup artistry program where I discovered if the brows were "off" it took away from the makeup. My instructor Lori Neapolitan was also a brow "fiend" and she fed into my need to to sculpt the perfect arches. It was she that suggested I pursue it. I study faces all the time, I practiced like crazy doing tons and tons of girl's night out events too.

Tell us about your brow salon.

I only have a brow studio The B Spot Chicago, it's a private by appointment only studio. I like to take my time with my client and give them that one on one attention a lot of times they'll have beauty questions beyond just their brows. In Miami I rent a space when I go down, and I do house calls but it's also by appointment only. The person that just walks into any old place off the street to have their brows down is not my client. My clients would never, they value their brows much more than that. They realize how important the perfect brow shape is to their over all appearance.

Is there any difference in the brow needs of your celeb clients and your bridal/everyday clients? How about your clients in Chicago vs. your clients in Miami?

Just the types of brows they request. Chicagoans prefer a more "natural" brow, while my in-the-media clients and those in Miami of for a "sculpted" or glamour brow. They also have their brows done much more often.

You've also been noted for your expertise in lash extensions. Tell us what we should know about this increasingly popular service!

Don't shop for the cheapest price, you truly get what you pay for. I can't tell you how many clients who have come in after going to a bargain salon with adhesive on their eyelids or lashes glued and clumped together. Find out if your technician is certified ask them what brand they use then check that brands website to see if they are listed. Request some before and after photos. I had my photos on my digital camera so the clients knew they were my photos and not some that I downloaded from the web.

Many thanks to Rashida B. for her time! For more on Rashida B. and her services visit her at RashidaB.com!

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