Beauty Lust: Sephora Blockbuster Palette 2009

I'm seriously lusting after Sephora's new Ultimate Blockbuster Palette, $48! Every year Sephora releases a new palette, with each one getting bigger and better. And 2009's palette takes the beauty cake!

This monster set includes 102 eyeshadows, 3 blushes, 60 lip glosses, 2 lip liner pencils, 3 eye liner pencils, and 6 cream eye liners. Whew!

There's no limit to the number of looks you can create with this kit! Is there any wonder why I'm lusting after it?

Will you be picking this up?

5 Essential Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes
So, you've spent time and money building a makeup kit that would make any makeup junkie swoon, and you think you're all set.

Not so fast! Any beauty maven must have a set of quality makeup brushes for the most flawless application. Wondering what tools are a must have for your beauty kit?

Well, look no further! I've got the beauty scoop!

  1. Foundation Brush - The foundation of any great beauty look (pardon the pun!), a foundation brush is the key to applying your base with professional results. Unlike sponges, foundation brushes don't absorb your makeup, so more of it ends up on your face. Not sucked up in your sponge.
  2. Powder Brush - To complete any flawless base, apply your powder with a powder brush to achieve an even finish. Apply all over for a more matte look, apply on just the T-Zone for a more dewey look.
  3. Blush Brush - The only way to keep blush looking natural, a good blush brush is essential. Look for one that's not too big or too small, and you'll have naturally flushed looking cheeks in no time!
  4. Eyeshadow Brush - To apply your base eye color, look for a shadow brush that is slightly fluffy and not too skinny.
  5. Crease Brush - Essential to adding dimension to your eye makeup, a crease brush is the perfect tool to add depth.
With these 5 makeup brushes, you'll be applying your makeup like a pro in no time!

Beauty Roundup: VH1 Hip Hop Honors

Sigh. I hesitated to even do a post on VH1 Hip Hop Honors. I mean, the male dominated foolery that is is show is hardly a hotbed for A-List beauty looks. Am I a bit biased? Yes. Do I care? Not really.

However, I was able to spot a few hip hop and R&B divas sporting some noteworthy looks, so here it is, the Beauty Roundup!

For me, Eve had the best beauty look of the night. Her smoky purple eye, super lush lashes and glossy pink lip proved to be both pretty and edgy. This look is definitely one we should all try this fall!

Chrisette Michelle stuck with her usual look, so she didn't wow me with her hair or makeup. But she did look cute as always.

Foxy, oh Foxy. I was diggin' her simple but pretty makeup until she threw those "lash feathers" into the mix. They don't even appear to be placed correctly! One false blink and one of those suckers could have ended up on the red carpet. Extra. Just extra...

Ashanti is still rocking her faux sidehawk (*side eye*), and her makeup was gorge. A colored smokey eye and light colored lip was clearly the look of the night, and Ashanti wore it well!

So what do you think? Did the ladies represent and bring some glamour to the show, or did they fall subject to the foolery of the night?

Prescriptives Going Out Of Business

Well, ladies. This less than stellar economy has taken a major toll on the beauty industry. Estlee Lauder has announced that it is closing the doors on beauty brand Prescriptives. Unbelievable, right?! Well, retail distribution will officially end on January 31, 2010, so hurry in for your fave products and custom blended makeup before it's gone for good!

Presriptives, we will miss thee!

10 Tips To Keep You Blemish Free

Young woman by bowl, washing face with soap, smiling, portrait
Hey Chicas!

For the rest of the week I'll be sharing some of my personal beauty tips to keep you looking your best! Today, I'll be focusing on keeping your skin clear and blemish free.

Here are 10 simple things you can do to achieve clear skin!
  1. Don't Touch! Touching your face can spread whatever germs and bacteria are on your hands onto your face, creating nasty pimples.
  2. Wash Your Makeup Brushes. Germs can be transferred from your brushes to your makeup, and then to your face. So wash your brushes at least once a week. I like to use baby shampoo. It's cheap, effective, gentle and easy to find.
  3. Change those pillowcases! Dirt, oil and skin care products can accumulate in your pillowcases, so make sure to change them at least once a week to keep your skin clear.
  4. Cover your hair while you sleep. Wearing a satin scarf or bonnet not only preserves your hairstyle, but it keeps hair products and oils from making it to your pillow case, which can cause breakouts.
  5. Keep greasy hair products from your bangs and hairline. Wondering why your forehead is breaking out? It could be caused from oily hair products you're using on your bangs and hairline. Be cautious when applying these products.
  6. Use products for your skin type. Just because your Auntie swears by a certain skin care line, or your friend with the gorgeous skin uses a certain product, that doesn't mean that product was meant for you. Look for products that are for blemish prone skin and contain ingredients like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and glycolic acid.
  7. Be gentle. Avoid products containing alcohol, menthol, eucalyptus, and other similar irritants like the plague. Drying your skin out is not the answer! Your skin will only produce more oil to make up for it. Plus, irritated, peeling skin is never a good look!
  8. Exfoliate but don't go crazy. Exfoliating away dead skin cells is a must when battling breakouts, but using harsh scrubs and beating your face like it stole something is not the answer! Avoid apricot scrubs or any "natural" scrub that contains jagged bits of seeds, etc. Go for a scrub with smooth beads instead.
  9. Clean your cellphone! We're constantly texting, talking and Twittering on our phones. Is there any wonder why they're a breeding ground for germs? Wipe down your phone with alcohol every couple of days to keep from breaking out on the sides of your face.
  10. Know when to see a professional. If you've been battling breakouts on your own with little or no success, it's time to bring in a pro. Dermatologists can provide more effective treatments and products that you can't get over the counter, and are experts when it comes to skin. I have always had a dermatologist on speed dial, and anyone concerned about her skin should have one on call too.

Essie Fall Collection 2009

Ladies, meet my new beauty obsession! I am so obsessed with the Essie Fall Collection 2009 right now it's ridiculous. I love fall shades and this collection is giving us creamy fall neutrals, with just the right pops of color to keep things interesting.

My fave shades are Mink Muffs, Midnight Cami (created in honor of the newly released Mercedes Benz E Class) and Angora Cardi, which is why I'll be picking up the 4 Piece Mini Collection, $17. It has my fave 3 shades in mini sizes, so I know they won't go to waste. If all six shades tickle your fancy, pick up the entire full-sized Fall 2009 Collection for $48.

Beauty Roundup: 2009 Emmy Awards

I didn't catch the Emmy's last night, but you know I had to scope out the red carpet beauty! Overall the beauty looks were a little underwhelming, but a few bombshells managed to stand out. Check 'em out!

Vanessa Williams gave up her usual glam last night. I'm loving her brown-based smokey eye and mauve lip. A great look for us brown girls!

Chandra Wilson looked lovely last night. It's always nice to see her out of her Grey's Anatomy scrubs! It looks like she's either growing her hair out or she added a few extensions for the evening. Either way, I'm feeling the extra body and curls!

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes won my award for most glam look of the night. Her hair sported 40s style waves, and her golden eye makeup and bright red lip were total old Hollywood glamour! This is her best red carpet look yet!

Who was the most fab of the night? Vote!

Photos: and

Beauty Steals and Deals: Kevin Aucoin Beauty 60%Off!

Beauty deals like this come once in a lifetime! Score beauty legend Kevin Aucoin's ultra luxe cosmetics line for 60% off over at!

We're talking $10 makeup, people! Get thy self over to the sale fast before everything sells out!

Beyoncè Set to Launch Her Own Fragrance

Well, we knew this was coming. Beyoncè, aka Sasha Fierce is set to release her own fragrance next year.

Beyonce Launches Emporio Armani Diamonds At Macys Herald Square

You may recall that B was the face of fragrances for Giorgio Armani and Tommy Hilfiger in the past, but this time Mrs. Carter will create this scent with the fragrance gurus at Coty, Inc. (the fragrance corporation known for creating pretty much every celebrity fragrance in the last several years including scents from J.Lo, Halle Berry and Sarah Jessica Parker).

Her statement:
“For me, fragrance reflects a woman’s attitude and unique sense of style,” said Beyonce. “While I love various perfumes, I haven’t found a scent that truly personifies me as a woman. Working with Coty, I was able to turn my ideal fragrance into a reality by creating an alluring and sophisticated fragrance; one that’s reflective of my inner power. It’s a true privilege to be working with Coty and I can’t wait to share this personal side of me with fans all across the world.”
The yet unnamed fragrance will be released in North America and South America in early 2010, and is planned to be released in Europe and other markets later in the year.

I'll definitely be giving this a sniff! Will you be giving Beyoncè fragrance a try?

Source: TheYBF

Beauty Review: Neosporin Lip Health Daily Hydration Therapy

I LOVE Neosporin! I know, it's totally random, but it's a total cure-all for a klutz like me.

You may not think of Neosporin as a beauty product, but I keep several tubes in my beauty stash. It's perfect if you have a run-in with a hot flat iron, pick too much at a pimple or nick yourself shaving. Seriously, it once saved my upper lip during a self-waxing session gone wrong.

So imagine my delight when I found out that Neosporin was coming out with a new product just for lips! I picked up the Daily Hydration Therapy SPF 20, $5 last week and have been testing it out.

First, the positives. It really does impart moisture into your lips. My lips instantly feel softer, but if yur lips are chapped it will take a few days of consistent wear to get smoother lips.

One thing that takes getting used to is the consistency of this product, because it's unlike any other lip product I've tried before. Think of it as a lotion for your lips. Yes, lotion! It's going to take a little getting used to, but its actually a positive because it sinks right into your lips. But don't apply too much or your lips will look white.

I also love that this lip cream comes with a sunscreen of SPF 20! You never have to worry about sun damage to your lips with this! The only think I didn't care for was the taste. It has the faint taste of castor oil even though there's none in here. But it does fade away, so this probably wouldn't stop me from purchasing this again.

There is also a nighttime lip treatment product that I'll be trying next. This is a great, inexpensive lip moisturizer that will be perfect for the cold winter months ahead!

Carol's Daughter and Disney Team Up

Hey Bombshells! Today's post is for all the baby bombshells!

I super excited about the new Disney film "The Princess and the Frog", out this fall. This will be the first time that a Disney princess is African American! The film takes place in the bayous of New Orleans, and Princess Tiana is voiced by Brown Bombshell Anika Noni Rose of Dreamgirls fame.

To mark this momentous occasion, Disney has teamed up with Carol's Daughter to release a limited edition collection of bath and hair products for all the little African American princesses out there! The collection will include a shampoo, conditioner, detangler and bubble bath, all with images of Princess Tiana on the bottle!

I've not had the best experience with Carol's Daughter products, but I remember what it was like when I was a little girl and none of the Disney princess merchandise I wanted looked like me. So I know how important it will be for little brown girls to see a pretty brown princess on their bottle of bubble bath!

The products will be out later this fall, and the film will be released in December. Check out the trailer below.

Fab or Drab: MTV VMA Awards

Last night the stars were out at the VMA awards, and while there was much tomfoolery (*Kanye*), there were also a lot of gorge celeb divas working some interesting looks. Let's check 'em out!

Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV VMAs
Beyoncè went for a VERY natural look, so there's not much beauty-wise to report (however, the lace front of her lace front wig is killing me).

The MTV Video Music Awards Take Over Radio City Music Hall!
Solange went for a a daring mod look. Heavily rimmed eyes, super defined brows and a frosty pink lip. And I'm still loving her hair!

Lady Gagas VMA After Party
In my opinion, Keri Hilson, aka Ms. Keri Baby, looked STUNNING! Her bronzed smokey eye and nude lip were gorgeous, and I'm loving the deeper shade of brown in her bangs.

2009 MTV Video Music Awards- Arrivals
Alicia Keys looked both elegant and glam with her bronzed skin, glossy red lip and lush lashes. Love it!

So, who was Fab and who was Drab? Vote!

NYC Fashion Week Spring 2010!

Hey ladies!

Fashion week is officially underway! I wasn't able to make it to the tents this go 'round (this problem will be alleviated by the fall shows in February. Trust.), so I'm bringing the tents to you!

All my fashionista bombshells out there can check back here for all the latest pics and video of the shows, plus up-to-the-minute Twitter feeds from my beauty and fashion blogging sisters at the shows and parties!

Check it out!

The Bombshell Files: Kina

Hey Bombshells!

I'm super excited to introduce our next featured Brown Bombshell, Kina of Kansas City, MO (my hometown!). Let's find out a little more about this bombshell, shall we?

Name: Kina

Age: 27

What Makes You A Brown Bombshell? I am a 27 year old fly wife and super mom to two gorgeous boys from Kansas City, MO.

I embody all things fabulous! While I am a domestic engineer ;) , I also freelance as a stylist, an up and coming blogger, and am on the path to open my own clothing boutique in my area.

I am a Jack & Jill/PTA/soccer/football/baseball/basketball mom, and you would think I wouldn't have the time for me. But I make the time with all things girly. I love like makeup, shoes, clothing, bags, accessories, facial cleaners and more.

What three beauty products can't you live without? Aveeno Positvely Radiant cleansing pads, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion & Clinique facial soap.

What's your go-to outfit when you want to bring out your inner bombshell? A lot of my outfits bring out my inner bombshell, but when I throw on my Aldo Ameling shoes, my inner bombshell comes out on stage! Who is your favorite Brown Bombshell? Beyonce. I just love the fact that she has her own. She is so driven, beautiful, talented & fabulous.

What else should we know about you? My family is my life. I have wanted to move away from Kansas City since I was 18, but I am so close to my family that I know I would be sick without them!

Thanks to Kina for sharing! If you think you're a Brown Bombshell (as you should, you sexy thang you!), send me an email to telling me why!


Beauty Review: L'Oreal Telescopic Exploision Mascara

I opened my mailbox yesterday to find L'Oreal's new Telescopic Explosion Mascara waiting for me! This marks the second drugstore brand to create an inexpensive version of a unique department store mascara.

First Maybelline came out with a vibrating mascara to match Lancome's, and now L'Oreal has come out with a mascara with a spherical brush to match Givenchy's Phemonem'Eyes Mascara for a whopping $24.

Check them out side by side. L'Oreal's wand is a lot longer and thinner.
It was rather flimsy and I found my self wishing for a sturdier wand.
As you can see, Givenchy's wand is much shorter. I haven't tried this
mascara, but I would imagine it makes for a much easier, less messy

Ok, so this is my lashes with no mascara. Not much going on, right?

This is my lashes with two coats of the Telescopic Explosion Mascara.
Pretty dramatic difference, huh? The round wand took a little getting
used to, but it was pretty easy to apply. It can be messy,
though, so practice is key.

It didn't get at all clumpy( the flash in the pic makes it look like it is),
but it's a few hours later and my lashes feel a
little crunchy. Overall, I was pleased with this mascara. If you're into
super long lashes, this will certainly deliver! I prefer a volumizing
mascara, but this gave me a satisfying fringe of lush lashes.

L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara will hit stores in November (just in time for
holiday parties!) and will retail for about $9.50. I can see myself buying
a tube of this mascara, so definitely give it a try!

OPI Nail Polish in Here Today...Aragon Tommorrow

Last week, I wrote about green being the hot new shade for fall.

Well, over the weekend I dabbled my new nail obsession and polished my nails with OPI polish in Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow a new shade from their new Espanol collection. Check it out!

With flash (sorry its a little blurry!). You can see the glossy green goodness of it all!

Without flash. Looks a little darker, almost can't distinguish that it's green.

What do we think?

DERMAdoctor Flagship Store Opening

Last Friday I had the opportunity to attend the grand opening of the flagship retail store of popular skin care line DERMAdoctor!

The store is located in the trendy Crossroads district of Kansas City, Missouri. The space is gorgeous and specializes in personalized skin care. Think of the store as an Apple store for skin!

I had the chance to have a Q&A session with Dr. Audrey Kunin, the founder of the line, and she gave me the scoop on the new store and what's next for DERMAdoctor.

Brown Bombshell Beauty: DERMAdoctor could have opened its flagship retail location anywhere in the country. Why Kansas City?

Dr. Kunin: Kansas City is DERMAdoctor's hometown and we're committed to this city. It was the ideal place to premier a retail store.

BBB: What will customers experience here that is different from other retail stores where DERMAdoctor is sold?

DK: The store is a continuation of DERMAdoctor skin care education. We started out educating clients through our website, and we'll continue that through the store.

The store is an interactive experience where you can read articles, product FAQs and be educated on various skin conditions. The Apple store and its interactive environment was an inspiration for us. Here at DERMAdoctor people will have a virtual dermatologist experience.

BBB: What else can DERMAdoctor fans expect? Are there any new products on the way or new plans plans for the DERMAdoctor brand?

DK: There are many new DERMAdoctor products in the works! Also, we're in talks with a major TV network to have our own television sales program. You can also expect to see more DERMAdoctor stores in other cities.

Check out more pics and video of the store!

Flat screen TVs that feature DERMAdoctor products and skin care info.

Product info computer stations.

Touch-screen computers where you can read product info, DERMAdoctor press, and more.

This Visia Complexion Analysis machine takes a scan of your skin and can tell you what's going on with you skin beneath the surface. It can detect sun damage, brown spots, uneven skin tone, and pimples before they make their way to the surface of your skin.

After the Visia analyzes your skin, it makes product recommendations to cut skin care problems off at the pass. Genius!

A display of DERMAdoctor's most popular products.

The complete DERMAdoctor line is available in the store, including products that were previously only available on the DERMAdoctor website (like my must-have Handy-Manun! Woo-hoo!)

Many thanks to Dr. Kunin and her amazing staff of estheticians for taking the time to show me around the store! If you're in the Kansas City area, you must visit this fab store at 1901 McGee, (816) 472-5700.

Fall Beauty Trends: Luxe Fragrance

I've never been super into fragrances, what with my sensitive skin and all. But this season I'm feeling like indulging in a little fragrance!

I can't resist all the luxe fragrances that are debuting this Fall. Designers are releasing new versions of old favorites, as well as highly anticipated new fragrances. Many of these are limited edition, so you better rush to your fave fragrance counter.

Check out the Top 5 most anticipated fragrance releases for Fall!

1. I love the vintage feel of atomizers, and that reason alone makes my want to scoop up a bottle of the new and super exclusive Prada L'eau Ambree, $114. Sadly, my budget won't allow for the bottle with an atomizer, but there is a traditional bottle for $76. But no matter, because this modern take on amber, vanilla and citron sounds fab any way you spray it!

2. A bottle of Marc Jacobs Lola, $65, the follow up to the uber popular Daisy, would look amazing sitting on my vanity. Purple is my fave color, after all. But I think I might pick up a bottle of this sexy floral (A sexy floral. Only Marc Jacobs!) for my Mom, Lola! Hey, ma!

3. This Fall marks the 15th anniversary of Donna Karen's Cashmere Mist, and she's marking the occassion by releasing Cashmere Mist Luxe Edition,$70. I love a woody fragrance, and this warm, sensual fragrance may become a new favorite!

4. I love everything Stella McCartney creates. To me, she can do no wrong! I can't wait to get my little sniffer on a bottle of her new fragrance StellaNude, $43. Amoung its fresh, floral notes, it includes notes of moroccan rose, musk and grapefruit, three of my faves!

5. I had the chance to get a sneak preview of Michael Kors Very Hollywood, $45, and if I had to use one word to describe it, it would be "sparkling". I know, how very fragrance-y of me! But it really smells sparkly and feminine. How very Hollywood!

Are you in the market for a new fragrance this Fall? Will you be trying one of these or will you try out something else?

New Beauty Site:


I logged onto Twitter the other day morning to find out the most fabulous news! There is now a sample sale website EXCLUSIVELY for beauty products! *Cue my squeals of joy* is just like uber-popular sample sale sites, and, only its all beauty, all the time. Perfect for a beauty junkie like me! You can score BRAND NAME beauty products for up to 75% off!

This week alone they've had steals from Stila and super luxe skin care brand Jurlique. Today they just started a sale on Butter London nail polishes, a super chic line I've been dying to try for only $7 (can you say 50% off?). And there's more to come from Cosmedicine, Korres (a personal favorite of mine), Tarte and more!

The site also features its own blog, written by beauty blogging heavy hitters, like Patrice Yursik (Afrobella) and Julia Coney (All About the Pretty), who are two of my fave brown beauty bloggers! The site even has tons of product education, so you'll know all about the brands for sale before you buy!

The best part? The nice folks over at The Fairest are offering Brown Bombshell Beauty readers $10 off a $75 or more purchase! Just follow this link to sign up (it's FREE!) and enter code TFSHORE10 at checkout. You must follow the link to use the code!

What are you still doing here? Go forth and shop!

Fab or Drab: Ashanti's New Do

Ashanti debuted a new, er, hair style last weekend. I guess this is the modified version of the "shave one side of your head" look every one is going crazy for these days.

I have to know. Was Ashanti
Fab or Drab

Fall Beauty Trends 2009: Metallic Smokey Eye

Hello my lovelies!

Surely you didn't think I would let a week about Fall beauty go by without spreading some smokey eye love! That's right. This season is all about the smokey eye. But instead of the same 'ole black and grey, this Fall's smokey eye is metallic!

I'm loving this decidedly 80s vibe, and truly appreciate the chic and sophisticated options that the beauty big wigs are serving up.

Go for metallic eye shadows in shades ranging from deep purple to forest green. Classic metallic shades like copper and gold are hot too, and pops of bright color like fuscia and mauve are sizzling on brown skin!

Rim your peepers with a smudge of creamy black liner and top with your favorite lash poppin' mascara to finish this new age smokey eye. Don't forget to pair this strong and sexy look with a simple nude lip!

Check out my fave picks!

1. YSL Water Resistant Cream Eyeshadow in Copper Brown, $28.50 I love a good cream eyeshadow!

2. Christian Siriano for Victoria's Secret Kajal Liner, $12 I tried this out last weekend and I love this crayon-like liner.

3. Chanel Soft Touch Eyeliner in Amethyst, $28.50 Purple is my fave color and this shade makes me swoon!

4. Christian Siriano for Victoria's Secret Silky Eyeshadow in Gilded Fierce, $12 Amazing color and luxe packaging for only 12 bucks? In Christian's own words, that's fierce!

5. Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Chains, $16 I am dying for this forest green with a hint of gold!

6. Estee Lauder Limited Edition Signature Eyeshadow Quad in Rose Gold, $35 I'm really diggin' on the juicy pop of color these shades are serving!

Are any of these calling your name?

Fall Beauty Trends 2009: Bold Lips

Hey Bombshells!

Today's trend is all about fabulously bold lips! That's right, this season is all about the statement making pout. The two hottest ways to get in on this trend is with bright colors and with deep, dark, moody shades.

Think reds, brick, and fuscia for perfect brights for brown skin. We brown girls can pull of any deep shade, so go crazy with plums, eggplants, deep wines, even black if you're feeling daring! If you want to try black lipcolor, but don't want to go all the way, layer it over red lipstick for a deep, sexy look.

Also, lipstick is what's hot right now, so give your lip gloss a rest for the season and try out one of these sexy lip colors for Fall!

Bright & Bold

1. Guerlain KissKiss Lipstick in Folie De Grenat #525, $30.

2.Wet ‘n’ Wild Silk Finish Lipstick in Fuscia With Blue Pearl, $1

3.Make Up For Ever Lipstick in Blue Red #205, $19

4.Yves Saint Laurent FARD À LÈVRES ROUGE PUR Pure Lipstick in 131 Opium Red, $30

5. MAC Lipstick in Impassioned, $14

Deep & Bold

1. MAC Style Black Collection, $14-18 each (Limited Edition, out September 24th)

2. Chanel Noir Obscurs Collection, $30 each (Limited Edition, out this Winter)

3. Iman Lipstick in Wild Thing, $9

4. Nars Lipstick in Fast Ride, $24, brand spankin' new and highly coveted!

5. Lipstick Queen Lipstick in Black Tie Optional, $18, a sheer black lip color. Great for the faint of heart!

Will you be giving any of these a try? Let us know!

Thanks to Temptalia for the Chanel image!

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