Fab or Drab? MTV Movie Awards

Its that time again! Time for another round of Fab or Drab!

Overall, I was underwhelmed at the celebs style choices at the MTV Movie Awards (maybe they're as over MTV award shows as we are), but then barely anyone showed up. Let's check out the hair and makeup and see who was Fab and who was Drab!

18th Annual MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals
People have been hating on Taraji's new haircut, but I like it! I think it's fun, sexy look for her, no?

18th Annual MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals
Keke Palmer was in the danger zone with this prom hairdo and old-lady orange makeup, but she's such a cute girl! I had to give her a pass!

Their makeup was decent, but their hair was the downfall of both Mo'Nique Coleman and Lil Mama. Mo'Nique seemed to be going for a sexy Jill Scott/Diana Ross-ish look, but missed the mark due to poor definition, while Lil Mama conjured up the members of Xcape cira '94 with her 'do.

Agree? Disagree?

18th Annual MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

18th Annual MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals


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