Three Summer Treats For Your Feet

I purchased some new open toe stilletoes recently, and I realized how much it takes to wear such cute, but impracticle shoes.

Not only do I have to worry about protecting my pedicure, but I also have to protect my feet from unsightly blisters and the like. So, here are my fave items to keep feet looking pretty all summer long!

AirPlus for Her Gel Steppies, $6. I love these things! I put them in all my heels, and the balls of my feet never get sore. Best of all, they're clear, so you can wear them in your cute summer sandals! I'm telling you, I swear by these things.

Band-Aid Friction Block Stick, $8. This stuff is a miracle in a stick, and I use it all the time. I don't know how, but this waxy stick keeps blisters from forming on your tootsies. Perfect for strappy sandals! I just smear some on my toes, or where ever I'm feeling a little pinch, and I'm good to go!

Johnson's Foot Soap, $4. Whenever I've overdone it after a night out in some sexy, strappy little number, I reach for this no frills soak. It quickly soothes sore, tired feet and softens, too!


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