Revlon Fruitful Temptations Scented Nail Polish

Hey ladies! I picked up Revlon's new Fruitful Temptations Nail Polish in Passionate Fruit over the weekend and gave myself a manicure. I have to say I am loving this nail polish!

I'm typically an OPI loyalist, and dabble in shades from Essie from time and time, but Revlon often turns out shades that catch my eye, and this is one of them! Passionate Fruit is the perfect transitional shade going into spring. It gives brown skin a nice punch of color without going over the deep end into super-bright summer shades (check out the pic below).

The wildest thing about this new collection is that it's scented! Its been three days since I applied Passionate Fruit and it still has a faint sweet, berry scent. Trust me, its very subtle, and makes for a more enjoyable manicure.

I'm going to pick up one of the coral shades next, and you should definitely give these a shot!


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