Black Beauty Pros You Should Know, Part 5: Product Prodiges

Hello all!

Welcome to the final installment of the top 10 Black Beauty Pros You Should Know! We're wrapping up with makeup artists A.J. Crimson and Roxanna Floyd. Both of these beauty product pros have not only made their mark as makeup artists, but have also made a name for themselves as creators of products for women of color.

Who He Is: A.J. Crimson - Celeb Makeup Artist and Cosmetics Creator

What You Should Know:
  • Makeup artist to Keyshia Cole, Christina Milian, Mya, Fergie and others
  • Co-created Kissable Couture lipgloss line with Keisha Whitaker (wife of Forest)
  • Has his own line of foundations and powders for women of color sold here.
What's Next: See A.J. at The Makeup Show NYC on May 17th from 2:45-3:30 on the Main floor of the Metropolitan Pavilion. Click here for tickets.

Who She Is: Roxanna Floyd - Celeb Makeup Artist and Cover Girl Creative Consultant

What You Should Know:
  • Best known as (probably, former now) makeup artist to Queen Latifah.
  • Helped create the Cover Girl Queen Collection.
  • Former spokesperson for Avon and Mary Kay
What's Next: Check out her website for more info!


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