Beauty Pros You Should Know Part 3: Fashion's Beauty Titans

Welcome to Day 3 of Black Beauty Pros You Should Know!

Today we'll be shouting out two of fashion's top titans of beauty, Ted Gibson and Path McGrath! There is nary a model of any ethnicity who would dare walk down a runway without having Gibson or McGrath work their magic on them. Here's why:

Who He Is: Ted Gibson - Master of Sexy Hair

What You Should Know:

  • Not only is Gibson the mane man Gabrielle Union, Angelina Jolie and others turn to for sexy, voluminous hair, he regularly turns out glam looks for fashion, runway and editorial.
  • Has his own line of delicious smelling hair and body products, called Ted Gibson Beauty, available at Target (relaxed girls, try the Tame It Lotion, $23 for non-greasy shine. You'll love it!).
  • Gibson commands $950 for his sought-after haircuts at his NYC salon (Which I visited when I was living in NYC (Not to see Ted, of course!). It's super-chic and glam, and the staff is so nice! Give it a try, if you're in the NYC area).
What's Next: Visit for all the scoop on Ted, and news about his new salons in D.C. (aka The New NYC) and Fort Lauderdale.

Who She Is: Pat McGrath - The High Priestess of Runway Makeup

What You Should Know:
  • McGrath's coveted work can be seen on Fashion Week runways the world over. There is, arguably, no makeup artist more in demand in fashion today.
  • McGrath is the Global Creative Design Director for Proctor and Gamble, where she's in charge of the Cover Girl and Max Factor brands. In fact, McGrath is responsible for revamping Max Factor in recent years.
  • She designed Giorgio Armani's eponymous cosmetics line, and helped create the new highly anticipated Dolce & Gabanna makeup line.
What's Next: Check out how McGrath's influence on the new Dolce & Gabanna Makeup line turned out here.

Tomorrow, Music's Hottest Hairstylists!


Anonymous said...

Don't confuse the fact that Ted Gibson is a black hairstylist with thinking that he is in any way interested in servicing black women as clients.
I worked with his salon very briefly. One day he said " my hairdo was too ethnic and didn't say classic or 5th Avenue." (I wore a funky, kinky curly afro.)His comment along with my experience working there literally made me sick. Shortly after I was out with the flu for a week. I decided not to go back because I didn't want to catch the self-hatred or whatever he spread in his salon!

May 4, 2009 at 12:14 AM
Amber said...

Wow. That is crazy! There were two Black stylists working there at the time that I went, one was man and the other was a woman with relaxed hair. Her hair didn't scream "classic or 5th Ave." to me, but I guess the fact that it was relaxed was enough.

I'm curious, since he hired you to work at the salon, where you expected to change your hair?

Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

May 4, 2009 at 8:56 AM

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