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I'm totally into going green (I'm even wearing a green sweater as I type this!). I love green cleaning products, candles, personal products, hybrid cars (I'm dying for a Prius), the works! One area where I haven't quite been able to make the switch is my beauty products (sue me!). So, I'll to add some of these green goods into my beauty arsenal. After all, saving the Earth (and your health) is a beautiful thing!
Top 20 Earth-Friendly Beauty Products

The hottest skin care, makeup and hair care on every green chick's list

What's the hot trend in beauty? Going green. But don't break out the emerald eyeshadow just yet, we mean green as in environmentally friendly. New to the green scene? Use readers' unbiased ratings to help you know what products to try first.

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No. 20: 100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Eye Cream, $19 average member rating: 7*

Why it's great: Readers say it's "very moisturizing and soothing" and they can feel their "eyes tightening"...

No. 19: Juice Beauty Oil-Free Moisturizer, $28 average member rating: 7.8*

Why it's great: The certified organic white grape and pomegranate juice in this moisturizer "help balance out... oily skin"...

No. 18: DHC Olive Virgin Oil, $44.80 average member rating: 8*

Why it's great: "It seriously softens and... feels great after flying." They also say even oily skin can use it at night...

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