Black Beauty Pros Yous Should Know, Part 4: Music's Hottest Hairstylists

Today we'll be highlighting two of the most recognizable hairstylists in entertainment. Kim Kimble and Ursula Stephens have turned out some of the hottest hairstyles in recent memory, on two of music's biggest divas!

Who She Is: Kim Kimble - Famed Hollywood Hairstylist and Healthy Hair Expert

What You Should Know:

  • Most known as long-time hairstylist to Beyonce Knowles
  • Designed each of the 50 wigs Beyonce wore in the movie Dreamgirls.
  • Has her own line of popular hair care products called Kimble Hair Care Systems, that recently became available at
What's Next: Check out Kimble's website for more info on her products and hair extensions, as well as her schedule of hairstyling classes.

Who She Is: Celeb Hairstylist Extraordinaire

What You Should Know:
  • Most known as hairstylist to pop star Rhianna.
  • Gave Rhianna both her famous bob, and the short, spiky cut she is most known for.
  • Is regularly called on by fashion and beauty publications for her tips and styling expertise.
What's Next: Visit Ursula's website for a look at her work, and updates on what next.

Tomorrow, the finale of the top 10 Black Beauty Pros You Should Know!


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