Mascara Showdown: L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen VS. Revlon Double Twist

I love mascara. I never leave the house without wearing some, and I'll only wear it if it'll pump my lashes up. So, sucker for volumizing mascara that I am, I was super excited to see two new formulas from L'Oreal and Revlon. Since both companies claim that their new volumizing mascara will give you fat lashes, I decided to try both and review them here. May the best volumizing mascara win!

L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara

What It Claims: "This Extra Volume Mascara by L'oreal contains Hydra Collagen which creates up to 12x more volume with no clumps, extra volume brush is twice as thick as traditional brushes."

What It Does: Well, the brush is definitely very thick! I don't quite see how a huge brush automatically equals huge lashes, and in this case it didn't. The result was no different for me than the regular L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara. Granted, it didn't clump (which is a mascara
miracle in itself!), but I wasn't wowed. I tend to like L'Oreal mascaras so I was expecting lush, date-night lashes. What I got where simple, seperated daytime lashes. Not bad, just not what I wanted.

Revlon Double Twist Volumizing Mascara

What It Claims: Massive Volume + Remarkable Definition.

What It Did: Somebody at Revlon needs to pull out their dictionary, because either they are seriously confused about the definition of "remarkable" or they're seriously confused about the definition of "definition". While this mascara delivered on its promise of massive volume, it can also deliver "massive clumps" if you're not careful. The large "brush" (and I do mean large) is made of inflexible plastic bristles, which can be dangerous if not used carefully (I poked myself in the eye the first time, so don't get too close at first). I said all this to say that it can give you really full lashes, but you first need to master the wand.

The Winner: Drumroll please... Revlon Double Twist Volumizing Mascara!
Why: Although the application isn't perfect, it gave me really lush lashes. All you need to do is gently blot the brush on a lint-free tissue (or scrape off any excess on the inner edge of the tube if you're in a hurry), which you should do anyway for a clump-free application. If you're still not happy, remember, eyelash combs are your friend! (But I don't think you need one with this mascara.)

I took a picture wearing both mascaras, with no blotting, no eyelash combs, no nothing. On the left side is the L'Oreal mascara, and on the right is the Revlon mascara. Pretty amazing, huh?

So, what do do think? Did I pick the right winner? Have you tried either of these? Let us know!


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