Black Beauty Pros You Should Know, Part 2: Hollywood Heavyweights

Whenever you've seen a Black star looking fab on the red carpet and gracing the cover of a magazine, chances are she's been beautified by these two Hollywood heavyweights. Since A-list starlets won't make a move without being glammed up by either of these two, they often end up working together on the same person! Check them out here:

Who He Is: Sam Fine - Makeup guru and beauty expert to A-List stars of color.

What You Should Know -
-He's the long-time makeup artist to beauties like Vanessa Williams, Iman, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell (who gave him his start) and dozens of other Black celebs.
-Published a beauty tome dedicated to makeup for Black women called "Fine Beauty" in 1998.
-Is known for his flawless contouring and naturally glamorous looks.
-Swears by Black Opal Creme Stick Foundation and L'Oreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara.
What's Next - Sam dishes about his fave products and techniques for Black women in the May issue of Vogue (which is fab, by the way). He'll also be releasing an instructional DVD this May, called Fine: The Basics of Beauty at!

Who He Is: Oscar James - THE go-to guy for to-die-for hair in Black Hollywood.

What You Should Know:
-His clients include Tyra Banks, Vanessa Williams, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Iman, Veronica Webb, Sanaa Lathan, and lots more.
-Styled Halle Berry for her historic Oscar win in 2002.
-Owns the Oscar James Salon and Spa in his hometown of Florence, SC.
-Was the first African American spokesperson for John Frieda (I miss that line, I believe it was called Relax).

What's Next: Check out his website for more info.
Check back tomorrow for Part 3 of Black Beauty Pros You Should Know!


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