YSL Spring 2009

I was in Nordstrom over the weekend and the new spring makeup collection from YSL literally stopped me in my tracks. What caught my eye were the Gloss Pur lip glosses. They were bright and pretty colors, just perfect for spring and summer! I found three colors to stand out the most, and really pop on brown skin:

#3 Pure Coral is a sheer peach shade that you could wear with bronzer, black eye liner and lots of lashes for a more dramatic bronzed look, a'la J Lo. This lip shade would also look fantastic with a more natural, bare face to give a sheerer, sun kissed look.

#5 Pure Fuchsia is just that. Pure Fuchsia. This definitely makes for a bold lip look, but this hot pink shade is worth it! Pair with a bronzed look like described above. Try Iman Second to None Luminous Skin Foundation to get the look.

#6 Pure Plum reminded me of raspberry sorbet. This rich, berry color is perfect for a sexy date night. It's sheer enough to not overpower your face, but has just enough punch to draw a little attention to your lips!

I think I'll be adding these to my beauty arsenal!


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