Beauty Find: Revlon ColorStay Brow Enhancer

You look more polished when your brows are on point, don't you agree? I like to keep my brows under control, but I kinda hate brow gels. They always dry your brows out and look unnatural and flaky. I prefer a brow wax, but most come in compact form, so you have to have a brush handy and paint the wax on just so so you don't end up looking like Groucho Marx. Suddenly taming your brows has turned into a major production.

So imagine my delight when I happened across Revlon's Brow Enhancer in Blackened Brown/Taupe, $9 while in the drugstore over the weekend. This ingenious little brow fixer has brow wax on one end and a brow highlighter on the other. The wax comes in a thin, retractable pencil form, so you can get a precise, yet natural, application. I look forward to using this every morning! I'm also a fan of the brow highlighter too. Most are too pink for brown skin, but this nude-y gold has just enough sheer shimmer to brighten up the eye area and make you look more awake.

Love it!


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