Beauty Find: Essence of Beauty Makeup Brushes

I have been a Sonia Kashuk makeup brush loyalist since her cosmetics line debuted at Target in 1999. Kashuk's brushes are widely considered to be the best inexpensive makeup brushes on the market, and rightly so. But there is a new kid on the block who may just snag me as a permanent customer.

I'm used to seeing Essence of Beauty cotton balls, loofahs, and scented body washes in CVS, but never gave their makeup tools a second look. That is, until I needed a new brush in a pinch and made a beeline for their display. I was (and, quite frankly, still am) stunned at the quality of the brushes. These plush brushes don't shed and blend makeup perfectly. There is a large variety of brushes to choose from, and they're all under $10.50 each. You can even buy sets for under $15. These are such an amazing find!

It seems that there is a limited selection at CVS stores (my CVS was nearly sold out), but the whole collection is available at Give these brushed a try. I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised!


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