Dream Eye Creams: Part One

We all know how important sunscreen is to your skin (at least I hope we do), and we all know how important eye cream is to preventing crow’s feet and other unsightly eye situations later on. What I also happen to know is that it is darn near impossible to find an eye cream with sunscreen in it. There are, literally, only a handful of them in existence and, if I may be frank, they suck. They are either super greasy, super drying (the antithesis of an eye cream, no?), or tinted in some bizarre shade of beige. So image my surprise when I came across Zia Dual Protection Eye Cream for Men SPF 15 in Whole Foods.

Why on earth any skin care company would think that men deserve this fabulous an eye cream is beyond me. Most men I know don’t even moisturize their face, much less their eye area! But no matter, this eye cream is perfect for us ladies. It has a light, lotion-like texture that soaks in completely. Better yet, it's super moisturizing but doesn't leave a greasy film or mess up your eye makeup. All this while protection your delicate eye area from the sun. And it’s only $15!! I love it!

Stay tuned for Part Two of Dream Eye Creams


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