Dream Eye Creams: Part Two

Last week I promised another installment of Dream Eye Creams, and I do believe I have delivered. Behold, Olay Pro-X Eye Restoration Complex, $47. Now, you’re probably thinking, “No, she did NOT just put some $47 Oil of Olay on here.” Oh, yes, she did. When I first found out that Olay was coming out with a higher end line of their products, I was beyond skeptical. I’ve always thought that their Regenerist and Definity lines were a little pricey for drugstore products, so I thought the new Pro-X line, at $47-68, would fail miserably and I’d be seeing it on clearance soon at my neighborhood drugstore.

But when Olay offered the Pro-X Starter Kit on pre-sale online last month and it sold out in 17 minutes, I took notice. I never doubted the efficacy of the products. I mean, Olay definitely does their thing when it comes to skin care. It was the whole $65 skincare being sold in Wal-Mart thing that bothered me. If I’m going to spend more than $30 on a beauty product, I want to spend in a store where I’m surrounded by face creams, beauty potions and perfume. Not tube socks, toilet paper and tampons. How could Olay justify Pro-X being on the same shelf as the $5 Clean & Clear? But I digress.

The ingredients of the eye cream were what got me: caffeine for its and anti-oxidant properties and power to fight puffiness , niacinamide to lighten dark circles and smooth wrinkles, peptides for superior moisturizing and lots of other skin care goodies. Plus, it was in a bottle instead of a jar, so the active ingredients would stay stable, and no germs could get into the product. It was looking like a win-win.

So, I got over myself and ordered a bottle from Drugstore.com (they were the only ones who had in stock at the time. Plus, it was on sale!), and I have been enjoying it ever since. My eye area had been super-parched at the time and this cream was just what I needed. It’s uber-moisturizing without being at all greasy, and while my ever-puffy eyelids haven’t been completely de-puffed, they are noticeably better. And I no longer notice the tiny crow’s feet slowly developing from my squinting all the time (maybe what I really need is some new eye glasses…). I apply this at night, and sometimes I layer it with the Zia SPF eye cream I wrote about last week. My eyes have never looked better!


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