Narciso Rodriguez's Essence

I'm not much of a fragrance person (I'm terribly allergic), but I absolutely adore Narciso Rodriguez for Her. The eau de toilette is an amazingly sensual, musky fragrance (the eau de parfum, not so much) that always gets me compliments . It's my go-to fragrance, and the only fragrance I have ever used a whole bottle of.

I was beginning to wonder if Mr. Rodriguez would ever release another fragrance, and if it would be able to hold its own next to the original. Well, I must be physic or something, because Narciso is releasing his second womens fragrance in March. Essence, the new fragrance, is described as a "pure, sensual and luminous fragrance with a modern heart of musc enhanced by radiant notes of rose petals, powder notes of iris and hints of amber resulting in a floral, powdery musc fragrance." Mmm. I don't really care for floral scents but I'm willing to try for Narciso. Besides, as much as I love For Her, it always seemed a little too heavy for spring and summer, and Essence seems like it will be a lighter alternative, perfect for the warmer months. Love it.

I cannot
wait to smell this. It's available now at Saks.

Coincidentally, Narciso Rodriguez Musc for Him smells pretty sexy on us girls too, but I hear its being discontinued (gasp, I know). So if you or your man are a fan, you might want to mosey on over to Sephora or your fave fragrance counter before they're gone for good.

Update: Check out my review of Essence here.


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