Best in Beauty: The OSCARS

Last night Hollywood came out to celebrate the best in film, so Beautè Noire is celebrating the best in Oscar beauty!

Best in Beauty: Oscar Edition!

Viola Davis looked stunning! The subtle use of bronzer made her skin glow, and I loved her berry lipcolor and soft curls. She really seems to be into full, sexy hair these days.

Taraji rocked her usual sleek and stylish bob and added a bit of extra volume at the roots for some extra lift. And I thought her dress and statement jewelry was amazing. She really turned it out for her big night!

Zoe Saldana kept it simple and pretty.

I am really loving this look on Tanika Ray. She blew her usually wild and sexy tight curls out for softer, looser, more romantic curls. A smokey pink/plum eye and frosted pink lip color round out the look.

Serena Williams looked so incredibly lovely in this look. She was defintetley channeling a 50s screen siren with her Marilyn Monrow-like curls and soft, smokey eye. Her sheer and shiney pink lipgloss perfectly finished the look.

Rosario Dawon made an appearance at the Vanity Fair After-Party looking great, as usual.

Robin Roberts looked great as well. I love that she wore a gown from J. Crew. How's that for Recessionista chic?

Queen Latifah looked amazing! She kept her look simple and natural, and turned up the glam with bronzed skin and lots of lashes.

Niecey Nash opted for a bronzed look as well. She usually goes for such bold colors, this was a good change-up for her. Hey, where's her usual Billie Holiday flower?

The lovely Laila Ali.
Keisha Whitaker looking cute and fab, as usual.

I have no idea who John Legend's date is, but she looked great. Loved the hair and makeup. Loved the dress.

Jada Pinkett-Smith's skin and makeup were flawless (as always), but I wish she had styled her braids a little more creatively. I'm not really feeling the dress either.

Halle Berry looking stunning. No surprise there!

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon looked fantastic. I love a dark eye and pink lip. One of my fave go-to beauty looks.

Best in Beauty? Not So Much.
While so many of the ladies looked stunning, a few missed the mark. Surprisingly, each of these ladies usually looks amazing, so hopefully they were just having an off night.

Everything Eve's look is too light. The hair color is too close to her skin color, and her makeup looks too light. She just looks washed out.

Sigh. This look is flat out boring. Especially on Beyonce, who usually loves to turn out a unique and dramatic look. At least her dress was cute.


Whoa. So much went so wrong here. Chalky pink eyeshadow + heavy handed liquid eyeliner + mauve lipstick = Not a good look for Alicia Keys. And I won't even start in on that wig. And she's been looking so fierce lately! Uggh!!

Tichina Arnold, matching your eyeshadow to your dress is never a good idea. Even more so if your dress is red!

All in all, the ladies looked pretty fab. Agree? Disagree?

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