Beauty News: Halle Berry's New Fragrance

Halle Berry's new fragrance, Halle by Halle Berry, is finally set to launch next month. WWD reports that the fragrance will have Halle's favorite notes of fig and mimosa. Other notes include bergamot, pear blossom, freesia, hibiscus, ultra mimosa, sandalwood, driftwood, cashmere musk, olibanum and sensual amber.

The March issue of Ebony (p.58) lists the price at $30 at Kohls, though I understand it will be available at Target, JC Penney and drugstores as well, which I'm rather upset about. If Sara Jessica Parker, J.Lo and Mariah Carey can be in Macy's, Bloomies and the like, why can't Halle? Hell, even Paris Hilton's fragrance got to be in department stores! I don't know, maybe they were trying to make her fragrance more accessable. But, still...

At any rate, I can't wait to smell this. I'm a big fan of Halle, so this is one celebrity fragrance I might actually buy! Check out the March issue of Essence (p. 34-35) to see Halle's new 2-page ad.

Thanks to Fashion Manifesto for the photo.

Update: Click here for my review of Halle by Halle Berry.


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