Beauty News: Mani-Pedi Meltdown

The NY Times recently reported the lengths women are going to stretch out their manicures. Some are switching from acrylics and other artificial nails to cheaper, regular manicures, while others are opting for lighter shades of polish that show less chips, allowing them to go longer between touch ups. While these budget-savvy beauties are finding ways to afford their trips to the nail salon, salon owners are none to happy about the hit to their bottom line. Check the article out here.

I've resisted regular manicures at salons for the longest. I spend more on top notch products, but I save more on the service by doing my nails at home. Have you had to cut back on your mani-pedi's during this economic downturn?

P.S. For some mani-pedi myth busting from the NY Times, click here.


Anonymous said...

Girl, I switched to french manicures with pink and white months ago so that I could make my manicures last longer! I will not tell you how long I go now before getting a fill, but I added one additional week to my usual schedule. Everytime I go in my manicurist says, "where have you been?" And I always say, "busy," which is true. But I really had no intention of going in any earlier. I won't be getting any of my fun brighter and cuter shades until I have a bit more cash in my pocket. You're right, with lighter shades you can go longer with getting a fill. But ssshhh..don't tell anyone!

February 16, 2009 at 6:31 PM
Amber said...

This makes total sense! I probably would have just given up altogether. It never crossed my mind to get this creative, but kudos to you for working it out!
February 17, 2009 at 6:59 PM

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