Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Concealer

I have seen the beauty light, and it is Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Concealer, $28! Unless you've been living under a rock for the last year or so, you know that high definition makeup is all the rage in beauty. Though it was created to give actresses flawless coverage under the intense scrutiny of HD cameras, I've found that it gives everyday women beautiful results as well.

I've used Make Up For Ever HD foundations on clients before and was always impressed with the results. But leave it to MUFE to one-up themselves and come out with such an amazing HD concealer!

I picked up a few shades at The Artist Summit for my kit and had been waiting for the opportunity to whip them out. Last night my friend Monica and I were offered tickets at the last minute to see Alvin Ailey II (which was fab, by the way!), and needless to say we were not looking our best after a long day at work!

Seizing the opportunity, I decided to try out one of my new HD concealers on Monica. I dabbed a little under her eyes and on a blemish or two, then dusted on a little pressed powder. No exaggeration, the results were astounding. Her skin was instantly even toned and flawless, and didn't have that heavy makeup look or feel. The Make Up For Ever HD concealer had given her perfect, natural looking skin. Color me impressed!

Monica kept getting compliments all night on her makeup, and one woman even pulled her aside in the ladies room to ask her if her makeup was airbrushed! I am SO running out to by one of these for myself in my shade! In my opinion, Make Up For Ever makes the best HD makeup out there, and I can't wait to add more of their products to my beauty arsenal!


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