Guest Blogger: Monica's Top 5 Hair Tips

By now you all know that I love spilling the beans on my fave beauty tips. I've got the scoop on skincare, makeup, and nails for days. But when I've got a major hair problem (like growing out this tired hair color...), I turn to my good friend and personal hair expert Monica. In all the years that I've known her, she's always had gorge hair, and today Monica will be sharing her top 5 tips to keep your hair healthy this winter. Enjoy!

Monica’s Top Five Hair Tips

People are always asking me how I maintain such a luxurious mane. I don’t have any magic powers, nor do I spend countless hours a day working on my hair. I just have some secrets with products and technique that make for a good hair regimen that’s maintainable and gets results.

With winter approaching, it’s important to pay extra special attention to your hair. If you live in a cold climate, you will definitely want to employ some hair care strategies to ensure your hair doesn’t dry out and fall out.

Here are my top five tips to build strength, and maintain or build the overall health and appearance of your hair.

  1. 100 strokes, three times per week will help build your hair’s muscles, so to speak. If you’ve ever seen The Brady Bunch: The Movie, Marsha brushed her hair 100 strokes every day. Brushing your hair builds strength just like lifting weights does for the biceps. Brushing not only makes your hair stronger, but over time, will reduce breakage and add natural shine. Ever notice how shiny a horse’s coat is? It’s because they are brushed with a soft bristled brush at least once a week.

How to: Part hair into four quadrants. Start with a soft boar bristled brush and swiftly brush from root to ends about 15-25 times per quadrant. Make sure your brush doesn’t have broken or split bristles. You should replace your brush about every 90 days along with your toothbrush. Brushes with split or missing bristles will cause stress to the hair and extra breakage.

  1. Always secure your hair with a silk/satin head wrap/bonnet at night to keep the hair from drying out and rubbing against your bed linens. Never use cotton scarves or other synthetic materials on your hair at night; they will only dry the hair and cause breakage. With winter approaching, you will want to make sure your hat/scarf set is not wool, polyester or acrylic. These fibers dry the hair and literally rub it out from the hair line. If you choose to wear a wool coat, make sure you have a silk fibered scarf around the collar. You should also limit wearing turtle neck sweaters made of wool or acrylic.

How to: Make sure you moisturize your hair with a silk fibered lotion before applying your head wrap. Try Chi’s Silk Infusion if you don’t already have a silk moisturizer you like to use. Not a fan of head wraps? Buy silk/satin pillow cases.

  1. Add a cap full of vodka to your shampoo if your hair lacks luster. If you feel like your hair just doesn’t shine, adding a little of your favorite top shelf vodka to your shampoo will coat the hair and give it a little shine boost.

How to: Pour a cap full of vodka into your shampoo bottle and shake it for about 2 minutes to make sure it mixes well. Use shampoo, followed by conditioner as directed.

  1. Make sure you are using the right foundation products for your hair type and processes. If you have color or any other chemical process, be sure you are using product for color treated/chemically processed hair. Try to avoid mixing processes. For example, if you have a relaxer, avoid lifting your hair more than three levels. Once you get into lighter shades of blondes, you will stress your hair. Proper setting lotions and moisturizers are imperative to the finishing of your styling. If you have the right foundation, you won’t need to use so many finishing products when you style.

How to: Always wash your hair in warm water and shampoo at least two times. You should consider using a deep conditioner for about 10 minutes once per week and a leave-in conditioner on the other washes in the week. If you feel your hair is dry and lifeless, try some cholesterol (Proclaim makes a cholesterol formula available at Sally Beauty for less than $5). You can also beat a couple eggs, as if you were about to scramble them and use the batter as a conditioner for your hair. Make sure you wash it out in lukewarm water…or else you’ll cook the eggs!

  1. Always blow dry on medium or low heat. Excessive heat will dry your hair out and strip the moisturizers your shampoo and conditioner have set in the hair shaft. You should also make sure you are using a ceramic blow dryer with a cool shot (Ion makes a fabulous blow dryer for around $60 available at Sally Beauty). If you have medium to course hair, you should consider using a hooded dryer to avoid stripping the hair’s moisture. It will also allow the hair to set straighter with less frizz.

Use of ceramic styling tools is a must. Flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers should be ceramic plated with infrared technology. Ceramic tools prevent your hair from burning while styling (FHI makes a fabulous ceramic flat iron for around $85).

How to: After shampoo and conditioning, start with the blow dryer on low or medium heat and allow the hair to free flow to release most of the water. Hair is weakest when it’s wet, so avoid pulling with styling tools until the hair is at least 80% dry. Once hair is mostly dry, use a round or paddle brush to straighten the hair. Once your hair is completely dry, use the cool shot to seal in moisture before using styling tools.

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Hair Milk said...

Brushing your hair 100 times a day will not build "hair muscles". That's a complete hair myth. Instead it will damage your hair's cuticle and cause split ends. Manipulation should be kept to a minimum if someone wants healthy hair.


October 20, 2009 at 9:53 PM
silk scarf said...

Nice tips for protecting hair with silk scarves! The same reason, silk scarf also can protect skin in the winter. Nice tips!

October 20, 2009 at 10:35 PM
Emily said...

Great hair care tips! I like the idea of a silk headwrap and adding vodka to your shampoo. Thanks!

October 21, 2009 at 2:42 PM
Amber/Brown Bombshell said...

@Hair Milk Thanks for your comment! Brushing excessively is never a good idea, but using a quality boar bristle brush is good to move your hair's natural oils from the scalp to the hair shaft.

@Silk Scarf I also love to use silk pillowcases as well. They're great to use if you don't want to smush your hair while you sleep.

@Emily I'm totally gonna try the vodka tip myself!
October 21, 2009 at 10:36 PM

Tissa- Follow me on Twitter @FABMOMCLT said...

Thanks for the tips. I will also be trying the vodka in my shampoo.

October 27, 2009 at 6:48 AM

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