These Are a Few of My Least Favorite Things: A Review, Part I

Sigh. I hate it when I buy a product so terrible, I wish I 'd never left the store's parking lot with it. I'm usually very selective about what I buy, and put in much research before I drop my cash. But, even the best of us can lose our senses when confronted with a new product we've never seen before. Yes, these are serious moments of weakness for me. Sadly, this has happened to me all to often lately.

I'd been having such good luck with IMAN products lately, that I decided to give her new Luxury Eye Defining Powder, $11 a try. Not one of my better ideas. I was hesitant to buy it because I didn't understand how such a fat wand was supposed to give you a normal looking line. It wasn't. It was a smokey eye or nothing at all. I ended up with a super-thick line of greasy loose powder that just wouldn't set. After blinking my eyes a few times I looked like I'd been working in a coal mine.

I spent the weekend hunting down the receipt (Trust. This mess is going back). Sorry Iman. Love you, but this has got to go.

Stay tuned for reviews from Biore and Olay.


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