DIY Beauty! Part I: Custom Nail Polish

With the economy in limbo, it can seem pretty frivolous dropping loads of cash on beauty treatments. But you can't let your looks go, can you? No! So, I've searched high and low for some Do-It-Yourself alternatives to those pricey treatments you get in salons and spas, and I'll be posting them here for the next week. Here we go!

Who needs $23 Chanel nail polish when you can create your own custom nail polish at home? After all, custom cosmetics are the ultimate beauty luxury. There's just something about knowing that no one else is wearing the same shade as you! Well, you can treat your nails this exclusivity by creating your own nail polish on the cheap with this recipe I found over at Spa Girls Guide. Here's what you'll need:

  • 1 paper envelope
  • 1 bottle of white nail polish. Try N.Y.C. Quick Dry Nail Polish in Little Italy, $2.
  • Eyeshadow (try a cheap brand from the drugstore or an old shade you don't wear anymore)
  1. Crumble some or all of the eyeshadow into the envelope. Make sure there are no lumps!
  2. Snip a corner off the envelope to make a tiny funnel.
  3. Slowly pour the powdered eyeshadow into the nail and stir until you reach your desired color.
  4. Though I'm normally against shaking polish (It creates bubbles, so its better to roll the bottle between your palms), you may want to shake in this case to make sure the color is distributed evenly.
  5. Paint your nails as usual!
Next in DIY Beauty, making you haircut last longer!


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