Red Lip Redux

I am sooo not over my obsession with red lipstick. Which is great since red lip color will be in this spring, in all its fabulous incarnations! This probably explains why I got so excited when I came across Stila's Paint Your Pout Red-The Talking Palette in the February issue of People Style Watch.

This adorable little compact comes with three different shades of red lip color, a lip balm and a lip brush. And if that wasn't enough, the compact actually walks you through creating your perfect red lip! I think I'll be popping by Sephora (aka my Mecca) this weekend to pick this little beauty up. Fabulous!


Arionne said... I think I might try this out. My only concern about red lips, which I also love, is finding the right look. I love glossy lips on me. And I find it really hard to switch back to a more matte red lip color. It just seems to look like its too much color; I look like a circus clown. But when I have tried to do a glossy red lip, it tends to be a bit too much also and kind of overpowering. Back in the day I wore a nice red color by MAC, but I always used the lip glass over it. Is it possible that red matte lips or red lips period just don't work for some folks? And if I choose to go for a glossy look, how can I make that work and not do too much?

February 1, 2009 at 10:33 PM

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