Serena Williams' New Beauty Deal

Tennis pro Serena Williams has inked a new deal to be the spokewoman and co-founder of Mission Skincare. The line is target to athletes or those with an active lifestyle. People reports that "the brand’s six-product starting line-up of practical skincare options, including an SPF 30 Facestick, Lip Protector, and Anti-Friction Cream, are designed to be irritant- and animal-cruelty-free".

Hmm, interesting. Will you be checking this out?


Arionne said...

I just wanted to say kudos to Serena! It seems she is succeeding in her efforts in the beauty arena, since she earned a spokespersonship. We know that she's been fabulous on the court for years, but lately the tennis world has been questioning her focus as an athelete because of beauty projects just like this. And one female tennis giant (I'm forgetting her name), was particularly critical of her during last week's Australian Open. Serena seemed to be struggling to win a few of her matches. One match she only won because the other player forefeited due to sickness! And even me, a loyal Williams sister fan, wondered if Serena still had what it took to pull through. But she did! And she did so fabulously, gaining her 10th major title! What is my point in babbling about Serena's tennis success on a beauty site? Well, I simply want to say that Serena is beautifully demonstrating what is so fabulous about black womanhood. She is multi-tasking by competing well in her field in the face of countless haters, but still willing to take risks and go after other passions like beauty and fashion. And she does all this while looking good, making a statement that it is okay for female athletes to care about their own bodies beyond athletic ability, but also be committed to skin care and beauty and presenting themselves in ways they like. She's definitely worthy of Beaute Noire discussion!

February 1, 2009 at 10:19 PM
Amber said...

So true! When Serena became a celeb guest creator for Flirt! cosmetics a few years ago, I was kind of thrown for a loop. Most athletes usually have endorsements for sneakers, Wheaties or Gatorade, not lip gloss! But the fact that she had such a hand in creating the items should have tipped me off. The girl has a definite thing for fashion and beauty! I'm really proud of her for not just slapping her name on a beauty product, but helping to create products that she feels passionate about, and becoming a business woman in the process. Kudos to Serena!
February 2, 2009 at 9:41 AM

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