Beauty News: Get Your Beauty Sleep... Literally

The New York Times Style section has a very interesting article in this week's installment of Skin Deep. They reported about a new phenomenon of bedding that is supposed to improve your skin while you sleep! Yeah, you read right. Sheets that make you prettier.

Apparently, these sheets, comforters and the like have active ingredients woven into the fabric that will help to alleviate wrinkles, acne and even eczema and psoriasis. As you can imagine, this miracle bedding costs a pretty penny, but at the lower end of the price spectrum is SkinGlow, which is sold at Bed Bath and Beyond. Their linens have copper woven into them to help prevent blemishes and wrinkles. Hey, for 20 bucks, I might be willing to buy a pillowcase that'll keep blemishes at bay! What do you think?


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