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Periodically I'll post links to interesting and informative articles in the news that have to do with beauty products and/or the beauty industry. The first Beauty News post is about an article the Washington Post published Tuesday about "gentler" hair relaxers for Black women. I put gentler in quotes because I don't care how gentle a relaxer claims to be, it has to have some kind of strong/chemical makeup in order for it to break down your curl pattern enough to straighten it!

That being said, I must state that I have found that all relaxers are NOT created equal. In fact, the relaxer I absolutely adore was mentioned in the article. I didn't intend for this post to be a product review :) , but for those of you who like to straighten or texturize your hair, I absolutely swear by Phytospecific Phytorelaxer, which was mentioned in the article.

I love many of the products by Phyto and Phytospecific, but their relaxer is especially unique. It straightens your hair without straightening it within an inch of its life. Instead of that "hair so flat against my head it looks like I'm bald" look, it consistently leaves my hair thick, full and full of body. My hair hasn't been this healthy or grown this fast since I was a little girl. At $60 it does cost a pretty penny, but it is worth every cent. I will gladly give up my Starbucks soy lattes to make room in my budget for this!

Did you read the Washington Post article? Do you have a hair relaxer story or relaxer product you want to tell everyone about? Leave a comment and let us hear it!

Psst...If you want to save some cash on this and other Phtyo and Phytospecific products, sign up for the Phtyo mailing list at I did and was able to clean up at their friends and family sale last month! I'm talking 40-50% off!


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