Red Hot!

It's happened. It has finally happened! I have finally found the perfect red lipstick! Any woman will tell you that finding her perfect red lip color is darn near impossible, and for us brown-skinned beauties it can be even more difficult. I believe that every woman must have a classic red lipstick or gloss in her makeup arsenal to help her conjure up her inner bombshell or uptown sophisticate. When classic stunners like Dorothy Dandridge , Eartha Kitt or Dianne Carroll needed to up their glamour factor, their trusty red lipstick was what they always reached for.

I though I had found my perfect red in Kevin Aucoin's TheLiquid Lipstick in Aquarougue after I happened past his counter in Henri Bendel last spring. Don't get me wrong. Aquarouge is a shade of red so deep and rich and sexy, I swear, makeup artists from other counters gathered 'round to admire my crimson pout. I immediately purchased it, of course, but later felt that the overtly sexy glossiness that Mr. Aucoin's was giving me wasn't exactly what I had been looking for; I had been looking for something a little less flamboyant. A little more classic. I had been looking for matte.

I intensified my search efforts over the last few months, so imagine my delight when on (yet another) recent trip to Sephora I happened upon my perfect shade of red lipstick. I don't know what made me make such a beeline for the Nars display, but I am so glad I did. I was instantly drawn to Nars Lipstick in Fire Down Below. I usually avoid trying on the lipstick/gloss testers at Sephora (maybe I'm some kind of hypochondriach, but I swear I get an instant sore throat), but in my excitement I threw caution to the wind. After dousing the tester with alcohol and slicing off a chunk with a q-tip, I hastily applied the color to my lips. It was the most fabulous shade of deep, true, blood red I'd ever worn. I could barely contain my excitement. I made for the register like a parent holding the last Cabbage Patch doll circa Christmas '83, and fought the urge to double back for a second and third "back-up" tube. Fire (yes, that's what I call her) and I are getting along famously. I'm sure she will be making many appearances in '09!

Happy New Year!

Kevin Aucoin The Liquid Lipstick and Nars Lipstick are both available at

UPDATE: Check out's photo gallery of Black Hollywood celebs rocking ruby lips!


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