Beauty Annoyance: Neutrogena

Ugghhh! I am dealing with a serious case of Beauty Annoyance. You know, when a beauty product or company really ticks you off? Well, Neutrogena is the bane of my beauty existence today.

You see, I have been looking all over town for some products from their new Ageless Intensives and Ageless Essentials Lines. I I really had my eye on an eye cream and a cream to even out dark spots. I finally found these items at a 24 hour Walgreens super-far from my house. But I didn't care, I had my products!

After I got home I had a sneaking suspicion that something was amiss. I grabbed the new items and my MacBook and did a little online research. Lo and behold, these fabulous new items I had just dropped my hard earned cash on, already existed!!

The Tone Correcting Concentrated Serum Night and Continuous Hydration Eye Cream were none other than Neutrogena's Visibly Even Night Concentrate and Radiance Boost Eye Cream in sheep's clothing!! Not only were they renamed and in different packaging, but they cost more!!

Shame on you Neutrogena! If any of you ladies were interested in trying any of these "new" items, I suggest hitting up your nearest drugstore to catch the originals on clearance.

As for me, I returned that mess. And I think someone at Neutrogena needs to reimburse me for all that gas I wasted!

Got a beauty annoyance? Let me hear it!


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