Fall Beauty Trends 2009: Rosy Cheeks

Here we are at Day 2 of Fall Beauty Trends Week here at Brown Bombshell Beauty!

Today we'll be focusing on a super easy trend to try for fall: bright cheeks. Now, don't be alarmed! Though this trend is inspired by blush looks of the 80s, this look is totally modern and on toned down for today.

The focus this fall is on cheery, pinky cheeks for a flush, pretty look. Check out these options to get a "my skin is naturally this rosy and gorgeous" look for fall!

1. The Body Shop Blush Trio in Warm Sunset, $23, brand new from The Body Shop. The perfect blend of subtle color with a hint of shimmer. 2. MAC Powder Blush in Raizin, $18.50, a CLASSIC shade for brown girls. The deeper your skin, the prettier this looks! 3. NARS Powder Blush in Taos, $25, I swear by this shade. I consider it to be the brown girl's version of NARS blush in the legendary shade Orgasm. 'Nuff said. 4. Milani Minerals Blush in Mai-Tai, $6, one of the best brands for blush in the drugstore.


B said...

Looooove blushes. Like A LOT. And the ones you've selected are fab.

September 2, 2009 at 7:49 AM
Amber/Brown Bombshell said...

Thanks! Glad to see another blush lover!
September 2, 2009 at 11:35 AM

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