DERMAdoctor Flagship Store Opening

Last Friday I had the opportunity to attend the grand opening of the flagship retail store of popular skin care line DERMAdoctor!

The store is located in the trendy Crossroads district of Kansas City, Missouri. The space is gorgeous and specializes in personalized skin care. Think of the store as an Apple store for skin!

I had the chance to have a Q&A session with Dr. Audrey Kunin, the founder of the line, and she gave me the scoop on the new store and what's next for DERMAdoctor.

Brown Bombshell Beauty: DERMAdoctor could have opened its flagship retail location anywhere in the country. Why Kansas City?

Dr. Kunin: Kansas City is DERMAdoctor's hometown and we're committed to this city. It was the ideal place to premier a retail store.

BBB: What will customers experience here that is different from other retail stores where DERMAdoctor is sold?

DK: The store is a continuation of DERMAdoctor skin care education. We started out educating clients through our website, and we'll continue that through the store.

The store is an interactive experience where you can read articles, product FAQs and be educated on various skin conditions. The Apple store and its interactive environment was an inspiration for us. Here at DERMAdoctor people will have a virtual dermatologist experience.

BBB: What else can DERMAdoctor fans expect? Are there any new products on the way or new plans plans for the DERMAdoctor brand?

DK: There are many new DERMAdoctor products in the works! Also, we're in talks with a major TV network to have our own television sales program. You can also expect to see more DERMAdoctor stores in other cities.

Check out more pics and video of the store!

Flat screen TVs that feature DERMAdoctor products and skin care info.

Product info computer stations.

Touch-screen computers where you can read product info, DERMAdoctor press, and more.

This Visia Complexion Analysis machine takes a scan of your skin and can tell you what's going on with you skin beneath the surface. It can detect sun damage, brown spots, uneven skin tone, and pimples before they make their way to the surface of your skin.

After the Visia analyzes your skin, it makes product recommendations to cut skin care problems off at the pass. Genius!

A display of DERMAdoctor's most popular products.

The complete DERMAdoctor line is available in the store, including products that were previously only available on the DERMAdoctor website (like my must-have Handy-Manun! Woo-hoo!)

Many thanks to Dr. Kunin and her amazing staff of estheticians for taking the time to show me around the store! If you're in the Kansas City area, you must visit this fab store at 1901 McGee, (816) 472-5700.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping your readers updated on the latest beauty and skin care happenings. I'm thrilled to know that Kansas City now has the Derma Doctor store here for us to browse and buy products we've had to order on line. What a fabulous looking store and a great write up. Keep up the good work. A devoted reader.

September 7, 2009 at 12:54 PM
Anonymous said...

This is exciting! A new beauty store in KC dedicated skin care. I have to say that homegrown businesses are the best. I will have to stop by soon. I am particularly impressed by the This Visia Complexion Analysis machine. That is beyond sophisticated. Crossroads here I come!

September 8, 2009 at 12:23 PM
brust said...

What a wonderful photographs! The store is looking cool, fabulous. I live in Kansas city and I feel very glade to know that there is a skin care store i Kansas. I will surely visit it.
Thanks for sharing such nice information here. I like this site.

September 15, 2009 at 6:04 AM

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