Beauty Review: Neosporin Lip Health Daily Hydration Therapy

I LOVE Neosporin! I know, it's totally random, but it's a total cure-all for a klutz like me.

You may not think of Neosporin as a beauty product, but I keep several tubes in my beauty stash. It's perfect if you have a run-in with a hot flat iron, pick too much at a pimple or nick yourself shaving. Seriously, it once saved my upper lip during a self-waxing session gone wrong.

So imagine my delight when I found out that Neosporin was coming out with a new product just for lips! I picked up the Daily Hydration Therapy SPF 20, $5 last week and have been testing it out.

First, the positives. It really does impart moisture into your lips. My lips instantly feel softer, but if yur lips are chapped it will take a few days of consistent wear to get smoother lips.

One thing that takes getting used to is the consistency of this product, because it's unlike any other lip product I've tried before. Think of it as a lotion for your lips. Yes, lotion! It's going to take a little getting used to, but its actually a positive because it sinks right into your lips. But don't apply too much or your lips will look white.

I also love that this lip cream comes with a sunscreen of SPF 20! You never have to worry about sun damage to your lips with this! The only think I didn't care for was the taste. It has the faint taste of castor oil even though there's none in here. But it does fade away, so this probably wouldn't stop me from purchasing this again.

There is also a nighttime lip treatment product that I'll be trying next. This is a great, inexpensive lip moisturizer that will be perfect for the cold winter months ahead!


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