Polish of the Moment: Sephora by OPI in Access 24/7

I am obsessed with nail polish and love to keep up with all the latest, on-trend colors. So, I've decided to share my polish obsession with all of you in a new feature called Polish of the Moment! Once or twice a week I'll feature whatever nail color I'm wearing at the moment so you'll be able to try before you buy, so to speak.

I purchased several OPI by Sephora polishes in hot summer shades, so I'll be featuring those in the coming days. Our first Polish of the Moment color is Sephora by OPI in Access 24/7, $9.

I apologize for the crappy iPhone pic (get it together, Steve Jobs!). Access 24/7 is a creamy hot pink that looks great on brown skin!

What do you think? Are hot pink tips in your future?


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