Beauty Review: Ted Gibson Tame It Lotion

Hey Beauty Babes! Since I gave a rundown of my fave styling products for natural hair last week, I decided to share one of fave styling products for my relaxed beauties!

Ted Gibson, deliverer of sexy, tousled celebrity hair, has a fab line of styling products that are available at Tar-jay (aka Target for those not in the know!). The first thing to mention is that the entire line smells like heaven, and his Tame It Lotion, $23 is no exception!

This sweet Merlot scented concoction makes relaxed or blown-out hair uber-shiny without weighing it down. This super-light lotion is very concentrated so you only need a dime sized amount. Plus, the bottle will last you an eternity. Seriously. I've had mine for well over a year, so you'll definitely get your money's worth!

Have you tried any of Ted Gibson's products? Do tell!


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