Beauty Review: The Big Three

Since I went natural several months ago, I've been experimenting with different hair products to see what will work with my newly curly hair.

Like any other natural newbie, I tried what I call The Big Three. These three cult favorites are considered to be THE products for defining the curls of natural hair. Since I've been using all three for the last several months, I decided to review and compare them for you!

Good: One of the first products I tried was Carol's Daughter Hair Milk, $12. People swear by Carol's Daughter (nobody I know, but I digress...), and Hair Milk is the line's star hair care product. I was also game try Hair Milk because of its reasonable price. Shoot, being natural ain't cheap!

Sadly, the price was one of the more agreeable things about this product. I applied this liquidy lotion to soaking wet hair, and whatever curls I got did not stay for long. Not only that, but it made my hair look ashy if I put on too much. I will say, however, that it smells amazing! I would wear this for the smell alone! Though it's marketed for natural hair, I think it would be an awesome moisturizer for relaxed, wavy or blown-straight hair.

Better: Next, I bought some mini sized jars of several Miss Jessie's products. Though many people have mixed feelings about Miss Jessie's products, I have to say that their Curly Pudding, $7 (travel sized) worked really well on my hair. Now, the curls were not perfect, but there were curls aplenty!

If you're looking to stretch your curls, then this may not be the product for you. It made my curls really, really tight. So, unless your hair is really long, it may not be for you. Also, it can dry a little crunchy. I remedied this by applying some Baby Buttercreme, $9 right after. If you are interested in Miss Jessie's, take advantage of their travel sizes first!

Best:I thought Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding was going to be it for me until I tried Kinky Curly Curling Custard, $29! Curling Custard, unlike the creamy Curly Pudding, is a gel. But don't get it twisted. This is no regular gel! When applied to wet hair, this product consistently gives me lots of springy, coils. No matter if my hair is frizzy and smushed. I just spritz on some water and apply some Curling Custard.

You must be very mindful of how you apply this product. Apply too much in one spot and you will get a gooey clump of gel. It does dry a little crunchy, but I've heard that the Gloss Pomade, $10 can remedy that, so I'll be trying that next.

Already using one of these products. Share your thoughts! If not, give these a try and tell me what you think!


Whit said...

Thanks for this. I think I am finally to just buy this product. I am dying to know how it will work on my hair!!!!

August 13, 2009 at 1:44 PM

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