Product Love: L'Oreal Elnett Hair Spray

For me, L'Oreal Elnett Hairspray, $15 was one of those cult products I'd heard about for years but never had the chance to use. And not because I didn't try! This coveted spray didn't become available in the US until this year, and now I see what all the hype was about. This stuff is amazing!

My short hair needs hairspray to keep my curls from falling, and Elnett does the job without being stiff or crunchy. I can comb through my hair with no problem, and my curls still stay put!

This is definitely one of the better hairsprays out there, and I'll be keeping it in beauty stash from now on. Right now, Elnett is only available at Target stores and at, but I hear that it will be available soon in other stores. So keep an eye out!


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