Sneak Peak: Cosmedicine Matte & Bronze

I love to sport a sexy bronze glow in the summertime, but I hate how bronzers can make my skin look like an oil slick. I mean, let's face it, oily skin + perspiration from the heat, does not = a sexy look.

Enter Cosmedicine's new Matte & Bronze! This ingenious powder gives you the gorgeous glow you crave, while keeping the oilies at bay. A plus, for even dry skinned girls in steamy hot weather.

This bronzer won't hit stores until July but, in their infinite ability to create a beauty frenzy, Sephora will be giving away lab samples to Beauty Insiders who make a purchase of $25 or more on Check your email on May 23rd for the announcement and the coupon code to get a sneak preview of this bronze wonder.

Not a Beauty Insider? Where have you been? Go here to become one for Free!


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