Brown Bombshell Beauty is a beauty blog created to help every fabulous brown woman look and feel her best. Through product reviews, tips, celeb trends, beauty news, and more, the Brown Bombshell becomes an informed and confident beauty consumer, which allows her to waste less time, money and effort. We sort through the rest, to bring you the very best that the beauty industry has to offer women of color. Brown Bombshell Beauty is brown beauty at its best!

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Created by Editor and Writer Amber M., Brown Bombshell Beauty is a manifestation of Amber’s passion for all things beauty. After learning the beauty basics at the foot of her mother’s vanity stool as a child, Amber progressed to doing makeup for family and friends as a teen. Her obsession with beauty followed her to New York City where she attended NYU, and resided for several years after college. Shortly after returning to her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri in 2008, Amber found herself in need of a creative outlet for her passion for beauty, which led her to found Beautè Noire Blog, which then evolved into Brown Bombshell Beauty in June 2009.


Anonymous said...

This is great,finally someone put in print what I have been feeling all along, celebrate the brown bomshells!

September 21, 2009 at 11:13 PM

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